About Checkered Hat SEO

The techniques and practices we employ are a delicate yet effective combination of "white hat" vs "black hat" techniques. We are smart about what to use in which situation. Much has been said about both "hats", and in the end, Google is the ultimate authority and the debate over which hat is which is lost in the shuffle.

SEO Case Studies

How many times have you wondered how and why another site (a competitor, perhaps), has been dominating the #1 position forever? Google seems to have forgotten the good sites, and instead favors exploitation sites who have fed the search robots a bunch of soup!

Using both "white hat" AND "black hat"

In the world of SEO, we bring you the perfect solution! Forget about the hat color, we just use the techniques that have been proven effective time and time again. Techniques and strategies that will bring the results you are looking for! We all know the ones at the top are using mostly backlinks and strategies which many would label "Black Hat"