SEO Strategies

Google and Bing Setup

After setting up the pages in your website, registering them with the major search authorities is an important, critical step. There is an administrative process that must be followed. Only skilled webmasters should conduct this work, as it's very tricky. An advanced code editor, a knowledge of XML, and a sharp eye for detail is required. Knowing how the files work, and where they go is critical as well. We are only scratching the surface here, as we perform the full service of integrating your sitemap and registering your website data into the search engine system. If you are like most people, you like to know the oil in your car has been changed. How many like to open the hood, get their hands dirty, and do this job? (Not me!)

Web Page Speed Testing

Several dozen factors go into how your website page loads. In today's world of mobile devices, speed is not just a fancy comodity. 70-80% of web users are on mobile devices, accessing from a cell network (sometimes it's poor service.) Even with full speed internet, nobody likes page lag!

We run your site through vigorous speed tests, and find all the choke points. We offer suggestions, and explain the test data, and make the necessary changes to optimize your entire website.

Backlink Checker

In SEO, backlinks (or back-links) are extremely impportant in how Google validates and ranks your website. To have a solid backlink from a prominent site is worth a lot in the search industry. We register and link your website in a number of key places to gain credibility and highscores in Google's ranking algorithms. Our webmaster tools and utilities do extensive web searching, and mine all the necessary data. Expert interpretation and understanding of the data from the site scoring and positioning tools is what allows us to create the perfect action plan for your website!

Sitemap Creation and Submission Service

Of the many steps and processes in SEO, a special file called "sitemap.xml" that contains special website data must be created. Knowing how to code the file, list the data, format the elements: urlset, url, sitemapindex, sitemap, loc, lastmod, changefreq, priority and ultimatly place and register the file will aid the search engines in finding you, placing the correct value on the pages, and cataloging them. We do this as part of our standard SEO service and website owners should not do this by themselves! (Unless you took advnaced programming courses and have a college degree, prefereably in a computer science or networking related field.) Contact Us to get your site properly indexed, registered and cataloged today! The sooner your site has been worked on by us, the sooner your site will be seeing better results!