Why did we choose the name "Checkered Hat"?

I would like to start by clearing the air, and defining some terms. If you are new to SEO, White Hat does not mean "good" and Black Hat does not mean "bad." These concepts and terms have been coined since the beginning of SEO to describe the various practices. These are not official terms (Google frankly does not care what techniques you use), but really just an attempt to quanitify what must be done to get a website ranked by the search authorities. When we use the term "Black Hat" or "White Hat" (and we will use these terms liberally throughout this website), we are not refrring to any practice that infringes on any policies, laws, or in any way abuses or harms another website. What we mean is: taking all the tested, proven techniques of black hat and white hat, and using them to the maximum effectiveness to acheive the desired results. Namely, getting ranked highly in the search results!

Our concept for "Checkered Hat" is to stategically consider ALL options and not promote one hat color over another. A combination of strategies and techniques is key. Google's constantly updating database, shifting alogorithms, and policies are always changing. With that in mind, SEO is not a one-time, one-shot deal. Like any company's marketing and business goals, it is an ongoing process, and something that should be considered on a routine basis.

White Hat SEO

For those unfamiliar, or new to the subject, White Hat SEO refers to practices deemed "safe" by the mainstream and focuses on the human audience, rather than making attempts to manipulate search results. Advocates for White Hat often cite that deviation from normal practices would potentially break search engine policies, get the website "red flagged", "sandboxed", or [to make the wary feel guilty] say that the content or techniques employed is "spam." Who promotes this jargon? These definitions are not even official - they are only concepts (vasty out-of-date concepts, on top of that!) It should be known, every single site that appears on page 1 or 2 is engaging in extremely agressive SEO practices. We all know that, and that is WHY YOU ARE HERE! That leads us into the next topic…

Black Hat SEO

As you might have guessed already, White Hat referres to the "safe practices" that ensure you are not over-extending your search engine influencing. Black Hat, in contrast, refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus mainly on search engines, and the results it will return. The human audience is priority #2, and usually does not obey search engines guidelines. Everyone who creates a website, must invest quality time and thought into their content writing (Content is king!!) This is a fact that cannot be disputed. 9 out of 10 clients we speak to do not have very solid or well-written website text, and this is a large part of the picture. White Hat is only effective to certain degree. We belive using a strategic and equal measure of Black Hat techniques will yeild effective results. White Hat vs Black Hat are really just buzzwords. The goals of this site, or our "Black Hat" techniques and practices, are in no way breaking rules, policies, laws, or even infringing in any moralistc manner on anyone else. The imprtant concept to keep in mind: It's simply US against the search engines.

Ranking on Page #1

You probably spent a lot of time on your website, put plenty of energy and effort into writing all the pages, and now... For some reason Google is not ranking your website on page #1 like you deserve. If that is your situation, we hear you! Many webites have been there, and you are defintely not alone. (Many sites, inculding some of our own sites, have needed some love in the SEO department in order to get a more favorable position from Google, Bing and Yahoo.) It is important to recognize from the start, that each industry is going to be different. Every subject (which gets narrowed down to specific keyterms), has it's own list of competitors that must be churned into the current formulas and algorithms.